Artwork Requirements

Digital Artwork- PC Format Only

Acceptable Software:
Vector art such as Adobe Illustrator CS2 or lower; it provides superior reproduction quality and allows images to be resized without loss of detail and or sharpness.

All files must be saved as EPS or AI and all text (type fonts) converted to outline. Failure to convert type to outlines can change the font when opened and delay the production of your order.  You run the risk of having your product imprinted incorrectly.

The following files might be acceptable for reproduction depending on the item:
Please check with salesperson if the file is acceptable and requires no changes.  If changes need made there will be an art charge.   

Other files that are NEVER acceptable to send to a vendor but could be used to help create vector artwork:
BMP, GIF, PICT, word documents, Power Point presentations or placed images, letterhead, business cards, faxes, copies of faxes, or photocopies.

If art needs to be “created”, “touched-up” or “re-done” you will be charged depending on the amount of time it will take to create.
Art charges are $30.00 per hour billed at quarter hour increments.

Failure to supply artwork in acceptable file formats will result in art charges.

Email artwork to  For questions about artwork please contact Megan @ 717-522-1781 or 1-855-407-4157.



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